What Are Artifacts of Compromise?

The state of matter we call life is marked by a continual flow of energy through the cell. The relationship between the cell, its internal environment, and its external environment, is essential for promoting positive development as well as healing and recovery. When the body undergoes stress—whether mental, physical, emotional, nutritional, or toxic—this can lead(…)

A Healthier View of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complex topic often laden with misconceptions. Many of my clients initially name weight loss as a top desire and primary motivating factor for working out. But if your end goal is an arbitrary number on a scale, you will likely have trouble staying motivated. Furthermore, you may inadvertently head down a(…)

My New Podcast Series: The Human Network

I am extremely excited to announce my new podcast series on the Treehouse Lifestyle Podcast called The Human Network, co-hosted by me and Wesley Hoffman. Wesley is the founder of Treehouse Networkshop here in my hometown of St. Louis. Ever since my first encounter with Treehouse, I have found it to be a tremendously valuable(…)

Chronic Stress Part II: How does it happen to me?

In the last post on Chronic Stress I outlined the symptoms and causes of chronic stress syndrome. I described it as a state represented by two primary features. 1) a constant, ongoing, or routine compromise of function and 2) frequently being brought into a stress state by challenges that should be easily met. I also(…)