Co-Orientation Lifestyle Conditioning Specialist Certification Workshop Series

Liam’s educational workshops are designed for health and fitness professionals as well as anyone motivated to make a change! Workshops can be attended one by one. However, it is highly recommended that you take them in order.

Phase 1 is designed for professionals and motivated individuals who want to learn new methods for supporting and a healthier lifestyle and improved fitness. Phase 2 is recommended for professionals who want to learn how to better engage clients, patients, and players. Phase 3 is designed for anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of human physiology. Coaches and other health professionals will find the tools taught in this third and final phase particularly valuable.

Upcoming workshops for the public can be seen on Liam’s Eventbrite Calendar. Liam is also available to present to private groups. To request more information, please contact Liam and enter “Workshop” in the subject field.

Phase 1: Lifestyle Considerations

Understanding how conventional approaches do not serve the individual is the crucial first step to choosing new approaches that do. Phase 1 reevaluates the traditional approach used by most healthcare professionals. It provides the awareness and tools needed for making progress toward one’s desired change in life.

Stress in Context

People are exposed to stress every day, some of it good, and some bad. Stress In Context outlines the biological syndrome of stress within the body and gives tools for responding to stress in a healthy way.

Diet in Context

Most diets don’t work. Why? Because they aren’t rooted in an understanding of one’s nutritional, emotional, and social relationships with food. Diet in Context provides tools for choosing an intelligent, individualized diet.

Exercise in Context

There is a common myth that all workouts are healthy and that the harder you work, the better. In Exercise in Context this myth is exposed and you learn how to use physical activity to deliver predictable results. Through exercise programing with the individual’s needs and desires in mind, an enhanced ability to meet the challenges of life can be developed, enriching one’s quality of life in all areas.

Phase 2: Meeting Clients’ Needs as a Coach

In order to be an effective Healthy Living and Fitness Coach one must understand how to engage their client so they feel motivated, confident, and cooperative. Phase 2 presents a structured method and tools for consulting, coordinating, and coaching their client along self-directed and goal-based programs of action, all of which are the keys to an effective practice. The Perception Conditioning Mechanism will provide a model for further understanding of how to develop and maintain rapport with clients. This relationship is the foundation for the transformative process necessary for the client’s immediate and long-term experience of success.

Desire & Value

Each client has a different level of awareness regarding what they truly want and what kinds of changes they are willing to make to get it. Desire and Value provides the foundation for engaging the client on their level. Through recognizing their values, developing a detailed sense of the desired change that motivates their action and illuminating the important relationships relating to the change they desire, the professional can greatly improve how they engage their client.

Expectations & Planning

Realistic goals and timelines are key to good coaching. This presentation teaches the consulting and coordinating tools needed to engage clients, prepare them for challenges, and help them to understand your value as a coach.

Motivation & Reward

Progress occurs in steps and stages. Follow through, performance quality, and recognition of progress are vital to the transformative process. Motivation & Reward teaches how to maintain clients’ inspiration and confidence.

Phase 3: Environmental Conditioning

Phase 3 digs into the more detailed aspects of human physiology. It is designed to illuminate the fundamental supports that clients can access and use as resources along the path to full health and happiness. The novel tools learned in this phase will help you stand out within the health and fitness industry as a knowledgeable and effective coach.

Aging & Development

Aging is an essential motivator for many clients. This presentation outlines a concept of aging based on one’s relationship to the environment. It provides a valuable set of tools at the cutting edge of anti-aging methods.

Metabolism & Mechanics

Metabolism is the essential feature of living systems. This presentation outlines three levels of metabolic function and teaches how nutrition and exercise can be coordinated in novel ways to unlock metabolic efficiency.

Immunity & Maintenance

Immunity has strong ties to inflammatory disease and illness resistance. This presentation outlines these relationships in a scientifically-grounded, inspiring way and builds understanding of tools that aid the immune system.

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