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I am extremely excited to announce my new podcast series on the Treehouse Lifestyle Podcast called The Human Network, co-hosted by me and Wesley Hoffman. Wesley is the founder of Treehouse Networkshop here in my hometown of St. Louis. Ever since my first encounter with Treehouse, I have found it to be a tremendously valuable resource, and I’m truly grateful for the service that Wesley provides to the St. Louis business community. I’m so excited to now be a part of his awesome Treehouse Lifestyle Podcast, which was named “Best Podcast” by ALIVE magazine last month! On The Human Network, we get together twice a month to talk about inspiration, motivation, human interaction, mental and physical health, psychology, and nutrition.

Podcast Highlights from The Human Network #1

In the first episode, Wesley and I discuss who we are and what we do—not only as individuals, but also in a broader sense as humans. You see, Wesley and I are both deeply interested in human behavior and finding meaning in life. His business focuses more on how to help people find motivation and fulfillment on a professional level. And my business is oriented more toward helping people become motivated and healthy on a physical and mental level through diet and exercise. The Human Network #1 hits on how all different areas of life are interconnected, from physical to professional.

Podcast Highlights from The Human Network #2

In the second episode, we talk about good and bad habits. When it comes to nutrition, it’s all about understanding the effects that different foods have on your body so that you can make intelligent decisions. Wesley and I discuss how to weigh the costs and benefits of eating foods that are quote-en-quote “bad” and find a healthy balance. We also talk about inspiration and the importance of finding a supportive community to help us remain motivated to make good choices. Key take-aways from the second episode of The Human Network podcast? Eat fruit. Be inspired.

The Human Network #3 comes out this week! Click here to listen to The Human Network podcast series and other episodes of the Treehouse Lifestyle Podcast. Please feel free to contact me or email or with any questions or comments. We’d love to get your feedback!

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