Discover the form of exercise that is revolutionizing professional athletics, chiropractic and physical therapy, personal training, and osteopathic medicine around the world.

I am proud to be partnered with BTMA Studio to bring ELDOA Teacher Certification Courses here to St. Louis. This certification is good for both the fitness professional wanting to expand their service and reach new clientele as well as those who have been using ELDOA in the group exercise class and want to enhance their ability to perform and increase the efficiency of their progress in class. Currently, BTMA Studio offers two different certifications: ELDOA 1 and ELDOA 2.

ELDOA 1 is a two-day course and represents the foundation for the ELDOA Program. Students learn the history of ELDOA as written by the internationally renowned Guy Voyer D.O., the founder of the ELDOA Methodology, and the comprehensive methodology that forms the foundation of the ELDOA exercises.

ELDOA 2 is a three-day course that expands on many of the key concepts from ELDOA 1 such as embryology, the role of water in the body, and water imbibition.

Want more information on ELDOA? Look here to find some of the great articles on my website detailing the many uses and benefits of the ELDOA Method, ranging from how it can help benefit your neck and spinal posture to the effects it can have on the mobility of your fascia and your overall autonomic health.

To find out more about the ELDOA Teacher Certifications, check out the landing page on to find out more about the courses, when they are happening, and now to register. You can also email them at