Thomas D’Angelo, RN says:

“As an emergency on-call hospice nurse I am often in challenging situations, and I utilize Liam Springer’s extensive knowledge of physiology and pathology as a resource to discuss how to better address the pain/breathing/agitation crises that my patients experience.  Liam also helped solve a chronic knee issue I dealt with for years as an in-patient nurse working 12-16 hour shifts walking on concrete floors.  The program he developed not only resolved my knee pain, but also helped to realign and strengthen my body in ways that helped me to better bear the physical challenges of my work.  Liam Springer is an invaluable resource for me as a clinician and as a client, he has had a tremendous impact on my health and the health of my patients.”

Evan Levy, Strength and Conditioning Coach – Chicago Wolves says:

“Liam has truly made a difference in my ability to properly understand Lifestyle and the effects it has on an individual based on the environment given. As a strength coach with athletes, I have seen a significant decrease in post game insomnia as well as insomnia on a daily basis. As a result, we as a team have increased muscle mass in season and lost body fat,. Liam’s knowledge on the mindset of a human being has given me a better understanding on how to increase emotional wellness of an individual based on the environment and lifestyle factors presented.”

Haley says:

“When I decided to work with Liam as a freshman in college, I never expected that our fitness relationship would bring me this far. Before I met him, I didn’t really know what I was doing in the gym, let alone have an exercise routine. I didn’t look forward to my workouts at all, and I felt like I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Liam started out with the basics, always incorporating fitness and nutrition education into our workouts. Soon enough, he was training me long distance, for a while even internationally, and the whole time he catered to my needs just as much as when we were in the same city.

Liam’s always stressed the importance of sacrificing what you want sometimes in order to feel better and get better results in the long run. For example, I like high-intensity workouts that stress metabolic conditioning, but when I do these workouts exclusively and without taking time off, I run the risk of getting injured. I used to complain when Liam regularly told me it was time to go back to basics—whether it be stability exercises or more stretching—but that was before we’d established a long-term relationship. Now I always heed Liam’s advice, because he has such a profound understanding of what the body demands and when.

Now, four years after I first met with him, weight training has become one of my most valued passions. Liam’s training has engendered so many added benefits that I never expected: my self-image has improved dramatically, I’ve incorporated fitness into my lifestyle, and I’ve even started doing CrossFit as a sport—always remembering to supplement the practices which I learned improve balance and reduce injury. We worked together throughout my whole college career, and because of the foundation he helped me establish, I’ve been able to incorporate my love for fitness into my life in the working world.

I can’t thank Liam enough for all that he’s led me to. Anyone who has doubts about working with him should at least give it a shot. His ability to reach real solutions will not disappoint!”