Consulting for Professional Development

Liam helps health and fitness professionals of all disciplines explore new ways of aiding their clients, patients, and players in reaching their goals. Liam’s approach addresses the two greatest determinants for patient/client success.

  1. First, Liam focuses on understanding how lifestyle can be used to support metabolism and harness the body’s innate mechanisms for healing, both of which are fundamental for progress.
  2. Second, Liam teaches the professional how to help their clients move past their challenges with staying motivated and following through on their plans for growth.

By providing not just the tools, but also the information and scientific resources needed to fully master and utilize what they are learning, Liam helps professionals develop greater success.

Consulting for Personal Development

Liam is sought by many individuals who highly value their personal health and fitness. Often these individuals have long-term symptoms or conditions which they have unsuccessfully struggled to turn around. Through a process of exploration and discovery Liam provides his clients with the tools and educational resources they need to take confident action. In this way they can design self-directed, goal-based programs of action that respect the body’s development and aid the body’s natural ability to function and heal. This program encourages a new lifestyle which is sensitive to their unique needs which encourages their body’s development toward a healthier state and allows for the experience of more immediate and lasting success.