My New Podcast Series: The Human Network

I am extremely excited to announce my new podcast series on the Treehouse Lifestyle Podcast called The Human Network, co-hosted by me and Wesley Hoffman. Wesley is the founder of Treehouse Networkshop here in my hometown of St. Louis. Ever since my first encounter with Treehouse, I have found it to be a tremendously valuable(…)

Best Time of Day to Exercise

Because exercise causes stress on the body’s metabolism,1,2 it is important to balance that stress—not only with good nutrition, but also optimal timing. To get the most out of physical activity, time your workout carefully in relationship to sleep, digestion, and energy restoration. If you are getting the proper nutrition before, during, and after your(…)

Understanding Fascia: The ELDOA Method

Fascia, commonly defined as connective tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ, has recently become a trendy word in the health and fitness community. Fascia is very important because it attaches your body’s skeletal muscles to bones and other tissues, allowing your muscles and joints to move appropriately in relationship to one another. But to(…)