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Yoga and ELDOA: What’s the Difference?

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ELDOA is a relatively new form of exercise often compared with yoga. Although there is some overlap between yoga and ELDOA, the two types of classes are actually very different. One is more holistic and encourages a free-flowing mindset, while the other is more analytical and intentional. Because of these key differences, many yogis find that ELDOA works great in conjunction with their regular yoga practice.

First, What Is ELDOA?

The ELDOA method is an innovative new exercise model developed by French osteopath, Guy Voyer, MD, DO. ELDOA exercises utilize a series of specific postures designed to create an optimal balance of tension and compression in the tissues surrounding particular joints or spinal segments. It’s a fantastic tool for injury prevention, pain management, performance enhancement, and overall health. Learn more about my ELDOA classes here.

What’s the Difference between Yoga and ELDOA?

The key distinction between yoga and ELDOA is that yoga encourages a more fluid and holistic mindset, whereas ELDOA is more analytical. The ELDOA method offers a more analytical presentation of the anatomy being influenced in many common yoga poses. The classes are not yoga and are not in any way conducted like yoga classes. However, you may recognize significant overlap in the postures being used to influence specific parts of the body. During ELDOA classes, you will learn to analyse your own posture, balance, and the amount of tension throughout your body.

Why Should Yogis Try ELDOA?

Because it offers a new point of view on posture, ELDOA can be an excellent supplement to your yoga practice. It will give you a chance to step into a more analytical mindset, increase your anatomical awareness, and intentionally fine-tune your actions—without having to step out of a more fluid mindset during your regular yoga class. ELDOA can be a great way to integrate a new level of body awareness and action into your holistic yoga practice. Are you a dedicated yogi? Try supplementing your practice with a weekly ELDOA class.

Don’t Choose Between Yoga and ELDOA. Try Both!

ELDOA is by no means a replacement to yoga. In fact, for truly yoga-centered individuals, it is best used as a once-a-week supplement. Try yoga and ELDOA together in order to reap the benefits of both of these fantastic exercise models. Many yogis in the St. Louis area are already attending our classes as a supplement to their daily yoga routine. Click here to join us for a weekly ELDOA class!

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