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Hypothyroidism: The Dangers of Low-Carb Dieting

Low-carb dieting may be an attractive option if you want to lose weight quickly. However, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Before you commit to this type of diet, make sure you are aware of the potential consequences. My last post on The Low-Carb Diet Dilemma noted that one of the many risks(…)

Treating Obesity with Lifestyle Intervention

The safest, most effective method for treating obesity is not weight loss or gastric bypass surgery. It’s lifestyle intervention. If you read my last blog post, you know that it’s a mistake to treat body weight as an isolated disease, and that you can’t “cure” obesity with weight loss alone. Obesity is a really complex(…)

Understanding Obesity: A New Outlook

Obesity is considered a disease. It is considered a risk factor. It is considered undesirable. It is considered, in essence, a sign that you are unhealthy, and it is treated as something to be done away with. This outlook on obesity is dangerous and needs to be revised. Keep reading to learn about the complexities(…)

A Healthier View of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complex topic often laden with misconceptions. Many of my clients initially name weight loss as a top desire and primary motivating factor for working out. But if your end goal is an arbitrary number on a scale, you will likely have trouble staying motivated. Furthermore, you may inadvertently head down a(…)

Expectations: Realizing Our Dreams or Setting Up for Failure?

So I stated in my previous post on the keys to staying motivated that “changing everything at once is an unrealistic expectation.” The most important thing to understand about this is what a realistic expectation is. The short description is: one that can be accomplished. Describing what goes into evaluating how easily an expectation can be(…)

Exercise Nutrition

    Appropriate nutrition before, during and after exercise is key to getting optimal benefit from your workout. The goals of the individual, the type of exercise, its intensity, and duration are all factors that need to be considered when outlining an individual nutritional program. This blog will be dealing with general guidelines to help(…)

Foundation For Human Nutrition part IV

  As stated in Part one, some of my findings when researching the effect of foods on the human body have uncovered information that challenges the common wisdom of a healthy diet. In this post much of that information will be the foundation of my discussion. It is important to reiterate that there are no(…)

I am becoming healthier and feeling great, but my weight keeps fluctuating! What is going on?

  Weight fluctuation is normal during the process of healing. In my experience, during the process of healing, weight goes up and down at various stages. I am going to give a brief overview of the type of weight fluctuation I typically see, along with an interpretation as to what is happening inside your body(…)