5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee consumption is still a somewhat controversial topic, particularly in the health and wellness community. Coffee often gets a bad rap—undeservedly so. When you look at the scientific evidence, a different picture begins to emerge showing that there are, in fact, many health benefits of coffee.1,2 This blog post outlines five fantastic benefits of coffee(…)

The Low-Carb Diet Dilemma

The low-carb diet is a concept that has been widely used in the weight loss industry for a long time now. It is quite successful in producing weight loss in individuals who have difficulty doing so. It also typically allows for increased caloric intake and greater satiety in the process. This makes it a very(…)

Tips for Endurance Training

Endurance athletics is a popular sport and important pastime. But endurance training can be hard on your body without good nutrition, sleep, and monitoring.1-2 Do you enjoy long, moderately-paced activities like long-distance racing, marathon running, or cross-country skiing? Follow these nine tips for safe and effective endurance training, designed specifically for endurance athletes. Nine Tips(…)

Best Time of Day to Exercise

Because exercise causes stress on the body’s metabolism,1,2 it is important to balance that stress—not only with good nutrition, but also optimal timing. To get the most out of physical activity, time your workout carefully in relationship to sleep, digestion, and energy restoration. If you are getting the proper nutrition before, during, and after your(…)

Stress and the Body’s Response Part I

  Recently it seems everywhere you look someone is talking about stress. The usual implication is that stress is bad for our health. Many conditions such as ulcers, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and fatigue are referred to as stress-related. Even cardiovascular disease, in particular heart attacks and strokes, are thought to be brought(…)