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When at first I don’t succeed should I try try again?

When at first I don’t succeed should I try

Sometimes letting go of the diet and exercise routines you have invested yourself in up to this point is necessary to make progress towards your health and fitness goals.

Many people put a great deal of energy, time, and effort into their health and fitness programming. It is common that when the results desired are not attained, more time and effort are invested. If we were to compare this to financial planning, it would be like continuing to purchase stocks that show absolutely no increase in value. It just doesn’t make sense.

If we were to ask the above investor what they think is the best method of gaining a better return, and their reply was to invest more in the same dead stock, anyone could tell you their plan will fail. When I see the same people continually performing the same tasks without any change in their health or fitness, I wonder what it will take for them to try something different.

Many of us become so attached to the idea that there’s a connection between the value of our actions and the time we’ve invested in them. In our minds, the only possible reason for not receiving the results we desire is that we just aren’t doing enough. Instead of trying something else, we become convinced that will power and dedication must be lacking and we redouble our efforts. Unfortunately most of the experts out there offer no alternative. Just look at the popular TV show, “The Biggest Loser,” or popular weight loss programs like Jenny Craig. The message is clear: we have the answer for you and for everyone – just work harder.

The notable lack of sustained success over time with this approach proves that it is incorrect. Dedication is admirable, but it might serve us better to stop beating our heads against that particular brick wall. We might not progress, but at least our foreheads would no longer be in pain. However, rather than stop trying altogether, since wellness is a wonderful goal, i suggest we look for a more effective method.

Of course, this is easier said than done. An effective solution does exist, but it will be a personal solution based on our individual body and its needs. Here is where we can put our dedication to better use. No more cookie-cutter, simplistic solutions for us!

What way of living is best for you?

There are many answers to that question, but in my next post I will help you consider the journey we’re on and the importance of setting goals, designing a program of action, and selecting tools to measure the effectiveness of the program we are using.

I hope I have illustrated that it is not uncommon to become completely hooked on common solutions that miss the mark for so many individuals. We need to find a method of bringing about a change in your actions that is able to suit your individual needs. The danger in continuing your current program is that you may convince yourself you just are not trying hard enough. Then after redoubling your effort and not experiencing success, you may conclude that you are helpless or your goal is hopeless. There is a way of living out there that will help you make progress.

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