The Big Picture

General discussion of broad topics fundamental to wellness

The Truth about Clogged Arteries

What is heart disease? Well, there are many conditions associated with the cardiovascular system as well as the heart specifically. The term heart disease is commonly used to refer to atherosclerosis, which is a disease of the blood vessels (not actually the heart). Atherosclerosis is also known as “clogged arteries,” an advanced-stage feature of a(…)

Treating Obesity with Lifestyle Intervention

The safest, most effective method for treating obesity is not weight loss or gastric bypass surgery. It’s lifestyle intervention. If you read my last blog post, you know that it’s a mistake to treat body weight as an isolated disease, and that you can’t “cure” obesity with weight loss alone. Obesity is a really complex(…)

Understanding Obesity: A New Outlook

Obesity is considered a disease. It is considered a risk factor. It is considered undesirable. It is considered, in essence, a sign that you are unhealthy, and it is treated as something to be done away with. This outlook on obesity is dangerous and needs to be revised. Keep reading to learn about the complexities(…)

Intestinal Microbiome: In Sickness and in Health

Since the time you are born, you carry intestinal bacteria with you. Your intestinal microbiome is with you all the time—in sickness and in health. My previous post on Understanding Intestinal Bacteria explained what the intestinal microbiome is, how it impacts your health, and whether certain types of bacteria are “good” or “bad.” Important points(…)

Understanding Intestinal Bacteria

The discussion within the scientific and medical community around the topic of intestinal bacteria, or the intestinal microbiome, is currently very alive. A good example of this heated arena is the work of Rob Knight, lead investigator of the Human Microbiome Project. A lot of important data and potential therapeutic models are being developed out(…)

The Five Categories of Stress

Stress is usually thought of as psychological. But there are many different types, which can be divided into the five categories of stress: mental, physical, emotional, nutritional, and toxic. I have developed these general categories to help my clients better understand the various stressors in their lives. The body undergoes stress anytime it encounters a challenge(…)

A Healthier View of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complex topic often laden with misconceptions. Many of my clients initially name weight loss as a top desire and primary motivating factor for working out. But if your end goal is an arbitrary number on a scale, you will likely have trouble staying motivated. Furthermore, you may inadvertently head down a(…)

Expectations: Realizing Our Dreams or Setting Up for Failure?

So I stated in my previous post on the keys to staying motivated that “changing everything at once is an unrealistic expectation.” The most important thing to understand about this is what a realistic expectation is. The short description is: one that can be accomplished. Describing what goes into evaluating how easily an expectation can be(…)