Announcing My Upcoming Workshop: Managing Daily Stress

I would love it if you would join us on December 10th for my first-ever presentation of Managing Daily Stress in my home city of St. Louis. I have conducted this workshop at several locations out of state, but I’m very excited to finally be presenting it here!

It will be held at Nebula Coworking from 6-8pm and only costs $20 to attend. You can get your tickets through the Eventbrite event page below and easily add it to your Google, Outlook, Yahoo or iCal calendar right from the site after you sign up.


When I first began presenting publicly, it was to help people to become more aware of how changing parts of their lifestyle, like their dietary habits and physical activity, could predictably affect their health. I wanted to do this because a big problem I was running into with my new clients was the tremendous amount of misinformation they’d received from the health services industry. After bumping around with many seminars on subjects like aging, weight loss, and cholesterol, I eventually realized I needed to build my Foundation for Healthy Living Workshop Series to be the crucial educational tool that enabled further exploration and encouraged a more successful lifestyle change.

This series contains three workshops, and while each one is intended to be able to stand alone, they were ultimately developed to build on one another. Each presentation gives strength to the foundation of understanding which allows the next presentation to be easier to understand and implement.

The first presentation in this series is called Managing Daily Stress. It is truly the foundation for all hope for improvement with respect to health and performance. The big lie in society about stress being “all in your head” has limited the ability for us to recognize the causes of stress and take actions to relieve its degenerative effects on our bodies.

Managing Daily Stress is used as a bridge from the scientific world into our regular lives. Rather than spending tons of time describing specific organ function and chemical interactions, I have adapted my scientific findings into a practical workshop to help us all do something about the stress in our lives with action. I want you to walk away with not only a realization of the biological effect that stress has on your body, but also have tools to recognize where the stress is coming from and what you can do about it.

This first workshop sets the context that shows how all of the areas of our lives are connected and how they can be affected by the various categories of stress. Understanding this total interconnectedness is the foundation for the following workshops I have built about dietary habits and physical activity. It also allows them to be that much more valuable and useful when taken in succession.

I also figured around the holidays were a pretty good time to talk about stress, so let’s help each other make it through the winter!

And to sweeten the deal, I am sharing this special offer to attendees that you can claim with me at the event:

Liam Springer Special Offer for Managing Daily Stress Attendees

Please send me a message if you have any questions or concerns, but otherwise I hope to see you there!


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