The Dangers of PUFAs and Fried Foods

The problem with eating fried foods and fast foods is not simply that they are high in fat. It’s that they are high in a certain type of fat: PUFAs. In my recent posts on The Truth about Clogged Arteries and The Many Causes of Heart Disease, I’ve encouraged readers to eat a diet that(…)

The Truth about Clogged Arteries

What is heart disease? Well, there are many conditions associated with the cardiovascular system as well as the heart specifically. The term heart disease is commonly used to refer to atherosclerosis, which is a disease of the blood vessels (not actually the heart). Atherosclerosis is also known as “clogged arteries,” an advanced-stage feature of a(…)

Coconut Oil, Not Fish Oil, for Better Health

Fish oil supplements containing omega-3 are not as beneficial as many popular health studies have claimed. If you look more closely at the science behind these studies, you’ll find that adding fish oil to the diet does not truly increase heart health or produce a healthier omega-3:6 ratio. To learn more about why fish oil(…)