Advocating for a Broader Beauty Perception

Beauty perception in our society is unfortunately very narrow. Our standards for health and beauty tend to be very high, specific, and unrealistic. We idealize body sizes and shapes characterized as “thin,” “lean,” and “athletic,” while looking down on (and discriminating against) people who are viewed as “fat” and “out of shape.” This outlook is(…)

Treating Obesity with Lifestyle Intervention

The safest, most effective method for treating obesity is not weight loss or gastric bypass surgery. It’s lifestyle intervention. If you read my last blog post, you know that it’s a mistake to treat body weight as an isolated disease, and that you can’t “cure” obesity with weight loss alone. Obesity is a really complex(…)

Understanding Obesity: A New Outlook

Obesity is considered a disease. It is considered a risk factor. It is considered undesirable. It is considered, in essence, a sign that you are unhealthy, and it is treated as something to be done away with. This outlook on obesity is dangerous and needs to be revised. Keep reading to learn about the complexities(…)