Intestinal Microbiome: In Sickness and in Health

Since the time you are born, you carry intestinal bacteria with you. Your intestinal microbiome is with you all the time—in sickness and in health. My previous post on Understanding Intestinal Bacteria explained what the intestinal microbiome is, how it impacts your health, and whether certain types of bacteria are “good” or “bad.” Important points(…)

Understanding Intestinal Bacteria

The discussion within the scientific and medical community around the topic of intestinal bacteria, or the intestinal microbiome, is currently very alive. A good example of this heated arena is the work of Rob Knight, lead investigator of the Human Microbiome Project. A lot of important data and potential therapeutic models are being developed out(…)

Coconut Oil, Not Fish Oil, for Better Health

Fish oil supplements containing omega-3 are not as beneficial as many popular health studies have claimed. If you look more closely at the science behind these studies, you’ll find that adding fish oil to the diet does not truly increase heart health or produce a healthier omega-3:6 ratio. To learn more about why fish oil(…)