Myths about Lactose Intolerance

There are several myths about lactose intolerance floating around out there. My last post was devoted to understanding lactose intolerance, its symptoms, and the physical factors that affect your individual level of tolerance for digesting lactose. This post will explore popular myths stemming from misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and unproven theories about the nature of this condition.(…)

6 Guidelines for Healthy Holiday Eating

Over the holidays, many people fall into the pattern of overeating, feeling guilty, and then trying to repent by setting strict resolutions come New Year’s Day. Why do we believe the only way to make up for indulging in “bad” foods this time of year is to set unrealistic expectations for later? This attitude of(…)

Masa: The Healthy Flour

Looking for a healthier flour that’s gluten free and rich in nutrients like calcium and vitamin B? Try masa, a traditional Central American corn flour. Grains typically contain toxins and nutrients that are relatively difficult for your body to utilize. However, the nutritional quality of grain-based foods can be significantly improved with good processing. The(…)