Exercise: The Good Type of Stress

Stress is any challenge the body cannot meet without compromising the ideal state of function. When a challenge is not met and appropriate recovery is not possible, the function of the body in a specific region will be developmentally compromised, resulting in what I call artifacts of compromise. But remember: Not all stress is bad. As long as(…)

Homemade Energy Bar Recipe

Good nutrition is tremendously important before and after exercise. Try my homemade energy bar recipe specifically designed to help optimize your workout! Whether you’re undertaking endurance training or any other type of exercise program, forget about eating starchy bars or glucose gel packs. My energy bar recipe contains real fruit and has the nutrients needed(…)

ELDOA for Healthy Heart, Lungs, and Organ Function

Protecting the health of vital organs like the heart and lungs is hugely important. Did you know you can achieve healthier organ function with ELDOA? In my previous blog post on fascia, I explained how the ELDOA method of exercise helps create an environment in which fluid flows more freely through the fascia and connective(…)

Best Time of Day to Exercise

Because exercise causes stress on the body’s metabolism,1,2 it is important to balance that stress—not only with good nutrition, but also optimal timing. To get the most out of physical activity, time your workout carefully in relationship to sleep, digestion, and energy restoration. If you are getting the proper nutrition before, during, and after your(…)

Understanding Fascia: The ELDOA Method

Fascia, commonly defined as connective tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ, has recently become a trendy word in the health and fitness community. Fascia is very important because it attaches your body’s skeletal muscles to bones and other tissues, allowing your muscles and joints to move appropriately in relationship to one another. But to(…)

Nutrition Tips for Morning, Noon, and Evening Exercisers

To fully optimize your workout with nutrition, it’s best to customize your individual nutrition plan based on the time of day you like to exercise. Whether you work out in the morning, at noon, or in the evening, make sure your body is well nourished by following the nutrition tips outlined below. Nutrition Tips for(…)

How to Optimize Your Workout with Nutrition

Appropriate nutrition before, during, and after your workout is key to getting the most out of exercise. To increase the benefits of physical activity, it is very important to nourish your body with the proper energy and minerals. Importance of Carbohydrates, Minerals, and Protein Before taking part in any form of physical exertion, nourish yourself(…)

Chronic Stress Part II: How does it happen to me?

In the last post on Chronic Stress I outlined the symptoms and causes of chronic stress syndrome. I described it as a state represented by two primary features. 1) a constant, ongoing, or routine compromise of function and 2) frequently being brought into a stress state by challenges that should be easily met. I also(…)

Exercise Nutrition

    Appropriate nutrition before, during and after exercise is key to getting optimal benefit from your workout. The goals of the individual, the type of exercise, its intensity, and duration are all factors that need to be considered when outlining an individual nutritional program. This blog will be dealing with general guidelines to help(…)