ELDOA for Healthy Heart, Lungs, and Organ Function

Protecting the health of vital organs like the heart and lungs is hugely important. Did you know you can achieve healthier organ function with ELDOA? In my previous blog post on fascia, I explained how the ELDOA method of exercise helps create an environment in which fluid flows more freely through the fascia and connective(…)

A Healthier View of Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complex topic often laden with misconceptions. Many of my clients initially name weight loss as a top desire and primary motivating factor for working out. But if your end goal is an arbitrary number on a scale, you will likely have trouble staying motivated. Furthermore, you may inadvertently head down a(…)

How to Stay Motivated: A Five-Step Guide

Many people struggle with figuring out how to stay motivated along the path to fitness. If you can tap into your natural inner drive, you will be far more likely to succeed. It’s important to design an individualized fitness program that allows you to experience success and pleasure along the way. This five-step guide provides(…)